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Introducing Kiosco Catering

Kiosco Restaurant now provides catering services.   Enjoy our delicious Colombian cooking at your special events.   We require only 48 hours notice and 50% deposit.   Call (678) 337-7999 to schedule your event.

We can provide catering for groups of 30 or more.   And we will cook up our masterpieces for you from the following catering menu:

MENU - Per Person
Seafood Paella
w/Bread and Green Salad
Sautéed Shredded Chicken and Beef
w/Rice and Beans and Green Salad
House Bistec ( Beef Steak and Potatoes sautéed in Onions and Tomatoes )
w/Rice, Beans and Green Salad
Pepper Pork Steak
w/Rice, Vegetables and Green Salad
Colombian Tamale
Chicken Fricasse
w/Yellow Rice and Green Salad